New Boss Books

I’ve been wanting to rewrite and relaunch my boss’s series for some time now, and I’ve finally started to do just that.

I’ve now outlined a new five part series and I’ll be releasing them weekly’ish (I’ll aim for weekly but no guarantees) starting with Boss’s Desk over this weekend. (It’s done, I just need for format and upload).

For those that have read the previous Boss’s series, you’ll find that this series is different. I’m using a similar cover since it uses the same characters (although I changed the boss’s name to James), but the story itself has changed dramatically, which is the reason for the new books.

For a start, the POV has switched from third person to first. The sex scenes make more sense in context, and it’s nearly doubled in word count. As well as that, the emotional journey is different. There is more of a connection between the characters now than before. So much so, that I considered putting this in romance rather an erotica.

The second book which I’m aiming to get out next week is a completely new book. It’ll be told from the POV of the boss, rather than Sophie the secretary. It’ll build on the first book and so will the remaining books over the next few weeks until everything finishes up in book 5.

I think doing this will give readers a better story and experience overall. I don’t think the first books (which I wrote two years ago) did that. I’m aiming to be a better storyteller and writer for all my readers, especially those that were there in the beginning when I started this journey.

Anyway, just thought I’d give you a quick heads up of what’s happening.

Best, Tiger xx


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