Cover banned on Apple

Yesterday I got an amusing message when I tried to publish Alien Probe on  the iBookstore. After being in review for a few days the book got bounced back because the cover was Inappropriate and included Prohibited Explicit or Objectionable Content.

And you know what? I agree with them.

The covers for AP are hot. If I had children browsing the erotica section (rolling eyes), then of course I wouldn’t want them staring at a ladies naked ass in eerie green light. I have no problem with their decision (the cover is also adult filtered on Amazon which is as it should be).

I have two choices now.

1. Change the cover to something less ‘inappropriate’ or 2. not publish on Apple.

I’ve decided on the latter. I like the cover. I think it’s funny and sexy – which fits the story perfectly. I don’t write really hardcore taboo stuff – all my stories are consensual, and even though they contain sex scenes, those scenes are light-hearted. It’s what I like to read, so it’s what I like to write. But I don’t mind if the cover is a teeny bit risqué. (You should see some of what I’ve got coming up – LOL).

I’m all for stores standing up for the rights about what they will and will not sell. But as an artist, I also have the right to choose what I want to write, and what art I place on the cover. So I’m keeping them. They make me laugh.

If you do read through the iBooks app, then you can buy them at Smashwords and choose the epub option which will open in your app.

Here’s to green lighted women’s asses and the writers who love them 😉



2 thoughts on “Cover banned on Apple”

    1. I thought about that. But I go through Smashwords to get to Apple, which means a new cover would be changed at Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and everywhere else they distribute to (basically everywhere except Amazon). I wasn’t that concerned really that AP1&2 wasn’t on Apple, it’s only one story set and one store.

      I have plenty of other stories that I’ve got planned over the next year or so that have sweeter covers they won’t object to. Plus I like the idea that I’ve been ‘banned’ on Apple. It sounds so salacious. 😉

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